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Player Known Battlegrounds

Player Known Battlegrounds is a historical edutainment game about being a tour guide on the Gettysburg battleground. With over 100 lines of historical goodness, real time subtitles, a cute MS paint aesthetic, and a whole lotta heart, Player Known Battlegrounds is an accessible and engaging way to learn history.

I was the project lead responsible for: design, programming, character art and animation, additional environment art, UI, music & sound design, marketing & trailer editor. For this student project I worked with a partner who was responsible for the landmarks art and writing.

Fun fact, the only custom mesh is the parachute, the rest is entirely 2D and drawn with MS Paint.

Player Known Battlegrounds Trailer

Steven harmon playerknownbattlegrounds 5 7 2018 4 43 49 am
Steven harmon playerknownbattlegrounds 5 7 2018 4 40 09 am
Steven harmon checklist
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Steven harmon capture
Steven harmon dar61ykvwaatpja

spritesheet for one of the npc characters

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work in progress editor view of level design map creation